My profile

On the top-right drop-down menu, select My Profile to view and edit your own Signavio Workflow Accelerator user settings. The profile page has four sections:


Use the Me section to update your user profile, including contact details and avatar image, or change your password.



Use the Preferences section to configure the Workflow Accelerator user interface and notifications.


Uncheck the checkboxes to disable all email notifications.


The Organizations section lists organizations that you belong to, and indicates whether you have the organization administrator role.


You can use the leave icon to leave an organisation. When you leave an organisation, Workflow Accelerator will:

  • remove you from the organisation’s groups
  • remove you from process models (process owner, access controls, action candidates)
  • unassign you from tasks in the organisation’s processes
  • remove your participation in cases of the organisation’s processes
  • free up one of the organisation’s Workflow Accelerator licenses.


The Services section shows your personal configurations for third-party services, such as a linked Google Account.