Signavio Workflow Accelerator is a web-based workflow modelling and execution platform. Although its heritage includes classical Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), Workflow Accelerator dramatically simplifies workflow automation.



Browse the Workflow examples to see different ways to apply workflow automation. You can use workflow automation for a variety of business processes - both for industry-specific processes, and for central functions such as human resources.

In the application itself, you can select Examples from the drop-down menu (top-right). On the Examples page, select Copy to your organization to create a copy of the example that you can edit to see how it works, and adapt to your own business process.

When to use Workflow Accelerator

You will find Workflow Accelerator useful for describing and collaborating on routine work. Use Workflow Accelerator for:

  • coordinating tasks and handovers
  • approvals
  • routing documents
  • fully-fledged business processes.


You’ll get:

  • control where you need it
  • flexibility
  • fewer delays (with automatic triggers, actions and timers)
  • no more miscommunications during handovers
  • traceability - data on who did what
  • clarity - visibility of who has to do what
  • agility - because you can change Workflow Accelerator process models more easily than custom software.

How it works


A process - strictly a process model - defines a template for repetitive work. The people who manage work typically create processes and specify the tasks and actions that you must complete to reach a certain goal. For example: for every Hire employee case, someone must complete the Plan interview, Interview candidate and Send job offer tasks.

After you publish a process, you can start many individual cases. Workflow Accelerator keeps track of which tasks and actions you have to perform for each case. Cases bring people together with relevant information that provides context for completing the tasks. You can also use cases as collaboration spaces for people to discuss and create new tasks for individual cases on the fly.


Signavio uses open source software. We thank everyone involved in the open source community. Please download the list of open source components that Workflow Accelerator uses (PDF).